The Host – Gerald Keil

Gerald has spent 20 years in the entertainment industry, either producing, marketing or directing content for the web, film and television. Back in 2004 he was a founding member of one of the Internet first radio shows on This is where Phil Patel and James Dodge first joined Gerald in a 4 hour daily radio show on the Radio Gotham Network. They than continued their success at Binwalla Radio. Meghan through force and bribes joined him at Binwalla Radio and continues their success and abuse on Gerald Keil – The Podcast. Prior to and Binwalla Radio he sat along side Bob Greene, and was part of a two man broadcasting juggernaut for an independent professional baseball team in California. Grabbing international ears and fans for a small team from Vacaville. This driving force behind the show also uses his free time away from the office to watch way too many movies, play a plethora of video games and make newbies cry.

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