Photographers Spread the Word on Train-Track Safety -
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Photographers Spread the Word on Train-Track Safety

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by Sidra Safri
For a long time, wanting to take photos on train tracks has been extremely popular. What better way to celebrate a milestone and show that you are “heading somewhere in life” while getting some phenomenal shots? As great as this sounds, PPA has news for you: TAKING IMAGES ON TRAIN TRACKS IS TRESPASSING, THEREFORE IT’S ILLEGAL! 
Recently, this has become such a big deal that Union Pacific (second largest railroad company in the U.S) has ordered people to remove any photos that violate this policy. This may sound unnecessary, but safety is a huge concern around train tracks. While taking pictures on tracks, it is extremely easy to get stuck, not see or hear the train coming, or simply step in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Many people have heard about the recent story out of Navasota, Texas about a young athlete, mother-to-be, and aspiring model. Her death could have been easily prevented. 
As photographers, it is our duty to inform our clients about what can or cannot be done. If a client is adamant about taking photos on train tracks, many states have train museums or “false” tracks that allow you to do so. 
Keep in mind: SAFETY should always be the number one priority!

AUTHOR - Gerald Keil

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