Loot Crate Announces New Digital Subscription

Loot Crate Announces New Digital Subscription

Loot Crate, the leader in subscription fan commerce, has announced the launch of a new digital subscription, the first of its kind on the platform, focused on independently developed PC games. Launching today, Loot Play will offer subscribers five high-quality, highly curated indie games starting at $10 a month.

“We want to solve two problems with Loot Play. We want to help subscribers find new games that are curated with a focus on creative new voices, and we want to help these independent studios reach new audiences through our large network of Looters,” said Erik Reynolds, VP of Product Marketing and Communications, Loot Crate.  “Loot Play will be Loot Crate’s first digital subscription product and will open the door for the company to continue its growth through digital offerings, redefine collecting and explore the relationship fans have with content.”

“The Chrono team is beyond excited to be a part of Loot Play,” said Justin Sacks, CEO of Chrono.gg. “Our company’s products and services are built around the notion of helping great game developers get their games discovered by new fans and new influencers. Working with Loot Crate on Loot Play is a perfect extension of their subscription service expertise combined with our relationships within the indie developer community.”

Each digital crate month will have one featured title, a title that is the anchor of each month and fully revealed in our marketing assets. We’ll dive into the stories of the development teams and their unique voices in the games industry through stories on The Daily Crate, we’ll feature them on our Tuesday streams on Twitch and Mixer, and they will be the star of that month’s marketing push. The other four games in each crate will be a mystery in keeping with Loot Crate tradition, but we will show those teams some love on unboxing day, near the end of each crate cycle. Our debut featured title for Loot Play is Crossing Souls, developed by Fourattic and published by Devolver Digital!

Crossing Souls is a rad action-adventure rich with 80s nostalgia!  Take control of five characters, all with unique skills and abilities, and face off against supernatural forces and government conspiracies.  The experience is filled with 80s pop-culture references, cut-scenes inspired by 80s cartoons, and an incredible original score. Crossing Souls is a nostalgic indie adventure unlike any you’ve seen before!

Check it out here at Loot Play.

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