Services offeredAmongst the many types of photography offered, I only offer a limited type. I believe, offer less but , make that worthwhile. Considering this philosophy, my photography caters to a niche. The kinds of photography I offer are;
•    Lifestyle photography
•    Commercial/product photography
•    Real estate photography
•    Portrait photography
Lifestyle photography
Being a lifestyle photographer means capturing photos so that you can always go back in time and relive those memories via the photos. Lifestyle photography is photography of day to day life. Your candid, random pictures are taken which aim to capture moments and make them special. This photography is honest and simple in the best possible way.
Commercial/product photography.
Commercial/ product photography helps brand build a connection with their audience. It helps the user relate to the product better if the photography gives a message. If the product is pictured well then there is no need for words. The picture does the talking. This is the type of effect commercial/ product photography should create.
Real estate photography.
Even bare trees, uncut hedges, unpainted walls can be made to look beautiful if photographed well. Real estate photography is about capturing your property, land etc in the best possible way. Real estate photography should be done not only to show the estate on offer but also the surroundings. This will help attract more people to come visit it and want to buy/ purchase the property you are willing to sell.
Portrait photography.
Portrait photography is done usually on special occasions such as proms, weddings, birthdays, or special days. Portraits include not on solo shots but rather a picturesque of the entire event/ location that the client wants. Portrait photography comprises of an ideal location and shooting along it. This may be the beach, park or even your bedroom. Beautifying you and your location is our responsibility.
Therefore, if you want any of your events to be captured, any special occasion or person, a memory that you would want to hold onto for years to come by, you should definitely get in touch with me.
Gerard Keil is a brand and you would not want to miss him out on your event. People of Solano County – Vacaville, Fairfield, Dixon, Napa, Cordelia, Suisun Families and businesses in the area can and will vouch for Keil’s photography and amazing play of colors. His photography and printing services are no doubt famous all across the town.