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31 May

Sample Video with Alex Copeland

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Here is a sample of the Video I did on May 31, 2014 with Alex Copeland at Cypress Lakes Golf Course.

08 May

Make Appointments online!

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appointmentLooking to hire Gerald Keil Photography for your student portrait, family photos or Event? Well I’ve got some great news. You can now book time online with our new appointment scheduling software. It’s as easy as clicking a few buttons and filling out a simple form. Our of our representatives will contact you either by phone or email shortly after you place your request. Send us an email or give us a call (707) 474-8100 if you have any questions.

So make sure you book your appointment today.

01 May

Lightroom Mobile for iPad = Amazing

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Chevy Chevelle

A true Classic meets today’s Technology.

Today I shot a good friend’s car and didn’t wanna sit at my computer. So I installed Lightroom 5.4 and mobile Lightroom on my son’s iPad. Omg I’m in love!!

So now I have to steal my kids iPad to randomly be anywhere to edit photos. I can’t believe how simple they have made it. Don’t get me wrong it’s not 100% replacement for my Mac with Lightroom because it lacks a few features that I use. But wow on something as simple as going over images looking for sharpness exposure and making minor changes, simply easy.

Great job Adobe. Finally something done really well in the mobile. I might just have to get an iPad of my own now because how this app has helped my work flow.

29 Apr

Gerald Keil Photography as seen in Tire Business

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Just found out today that one of my photos is in Tire Business. Check it out below or visit this link.

Tire Business


28 Apr

Camera Play

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I’m going to start a series of images shot with old cameras and using old school tech. This will be an adventure that I will share with everyone on my web site.

The first camera I’m using is the Canon A2. Every few weeks I’ll post a different set of images taken with these cool old cameras. I will also include photos of the equipment I used. I hope you enjoy my journey into the unknown, I know I will.

12 Apr

Sweet Lolita Fashion Shoot

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20 Mar


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Yes you read the header correctly. Some lucky winner will win our Big $10,000.00 Package.

This includes an entire video production team including multi angle video and a live video feed of your wedding so the friends and family that couldn’t make can watch LIVE from an internet connected device or Watch the Re-broadcast from our website . Also includes our picture package that is to be name later. We will cover every inch of the event so you have something to remember for the rest of your life. To win leave a message on this page, our facebook page and/or message #gkpfreewedding to @geraldkeil on twitter. One lucky person will be selected this June 15th. All entries must be received by April 30, 11:59 pm. Good Luck!


Only valid for Northern California Residents or Event must be held in Northern California. 250 miles from Vacaville, Ca. Email for interesting locations in California. We just might go there.
Gerald Keil Photography is allowed to use photos and videos from the Wedding for Promotional and demo purposes.
Gerald Keil Photography assumes no responsibly for issue with internet connections or availability in certain areas.
You have 1 year from the date of winning to claim package.
Can not be resold or given away to other parties for use.
One comment per day per page. Up to 3 comments per day between all 3 days.
Chances based on number of entrees.
One person will be selected from the comments on this page and tweets and Facebook messages left on Gerald Keil Photography sites.
Void where prohibited
Must be 18+ years or older.
One lucky person will be selected this June 15th. All entries must be received by June 14, 11:59 pm.
Anyone that doesn’t meet these terms void their chance in the win.
Valid for Saturday weddings only.
Gerald Keil Photography is not paying for any part of the event or location or travel for The Families or Friends or Bride and Groom and assume no bill from the event.

20 Mar

Lisa Roberts Fitness Photo Shoot

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13 Mar

Hill Tribe Fashion Shoot

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24 Jan

Nut Tree Mary-go-round

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I went out with my Daughter to get the cat’s shots at Banfield and it happens to be near Nut Tree. So I felt like playing with some time-lapse photography.