About Gerald Keil Photograpghy

About Gerald Keil Photography

Welcome to Gerald Keil Home of Photography, the place where you will find an experienced, articulate and skilled photographer. Here you will find loads of photos that I have taken over my entire career. You will find my publications in magazines that cut across industries and borders.
Gerald Keil is a photographer with over twenty years experience He has published in more than 900 magazines and publications. His work can be found in many different magazines including industry specific and phone books):
Gerald Keil Photography is a full service local business located in Vacaville, California. The full service photography studio’s goal is to take images that make an impact and make you feel something and not just be another photograph. We have be doing photography for 20 years.
Gerald is a family man too, he is married to a wonderful woman and together they have three kids, at times his daughter tags along to be his assistant, something that she adores.
If you are looking for a photographer who is experienced, friendly and knowledgeable you cannot go wrong with Gerald Keil, he will give you what you need when you want it and in a design that will meet your needs and interests.

About Me

“I am back, buddy, and I am looking to booking your gigs, let me know when you need that sports or fitness theme session, Holla me when you require a photographer who will deliver nothing but the best, using his twenty years plus experience to give quality images and captions that can’t compare with anything else.
I have been places and if I was to start narrating, I would bore you stiff with the list of gigs that I have done. Have a look at the places where I have published, the credits that I have received for exemplary performance. So let’s talk and see what images we can create for you. I am looking forward to working with you.

I invite you to have a look at my work; I guarantee you will like it. You will join other hundreds of happy customers, people and businesses who have hired my photography services and I did not disappoint. I guarantee you will like what I do, I promise to deliver nothing but the best. If interested kindly send me an email or contact me and I will get you what you need and make you one happy customer!”